Shirefest 2021 Screen Shots

On the weekend of Friday 11th to Sunday 13th June 2021 the Second Breakfast kinship presented the “Shirefest 2021” music festival, on the Methel Stage, on Crickhollow, in LOTRO. Here are some screen shots I took at the event. I’m afraid the bands who played on Friday were too late for me. On Saturday I’m afraid I missed the first band, An Unexpected Melody, but arrived in time for…

The Great Willow Blues Band

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The Marriage of Eldbryt and Lasswen

On Saturday 22nd May 2021, the wedding of Master Eldbryt and Miss Lasswen took place at the “Habitants des Trous” kinhouse, on the Sirannon server, in LOTRO. The music before the ceremony was provided by Jailhouse Rock. I’m afraid I arrived too late to get screen shots of them, but Miss Hollyberye has posted a video of their performance on her YouTube channel.

Miss Aerelwen officiated at the ceremony. Here are some screen shots I took of the ceremony itself.

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Seventh “Forest of OAKS” Music Festival Screen Shots

On Saturday 8th May 2021 the seventh “Forest of OAKS” music festival took place, on the Laurelin server, in the mmorpg “Lord of the Rings Online”. OAKS stands for “Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert Series” (somebody really wanted that to spell OAKS). Every month Miss Acorne Oakley hosts an OAKS concert in the Oldfurlong homestead of the Shire housing area. Every year a “Forest of OAKS” music festival is held in which the bands from the last year return to play a 30 minute set. Miss Holly has posted videos of the performances on her YouTube channel and I have included links to the videos between my screen shots. The first band were…

The Andune Ensemble

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“A Day on the Greenfields” Screen Shots – Day 2

On Sunday 25th April the second day of the annual “A Day on the Greenfields” music festival took place, on The Greenfields, in The Shire, today on Belegaer, in LOTRO. This is an annual event, which is this year held over four days on three worlds. I’m afraid I missed the first band, Angel of Death, but the second band were…

Die Meisterbarden von Bree

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Second Annual Rosalie Day Screen Shots

On Sunday 11th April 2021 the Second Annual Rosalie Day, organised by the Second Breakfast kinship, took place on the Crickhollow server, in LOTRO. Miss Rosalie Rumble was one of the founding members of Second Breakfast, and later became its leader. She was a pillar of the Crickhollow music community and she created the Shirefest music festival and the Crickhollow Music website. Miss Rosalie passed away in 2019, but before she did Second Breakfast threw a farewell party for her. On the anniversary of that farewell party they now hold a Rosalie Day party. People from many servers in LOTRO gathered at the Bird and Baby Inn, to remember her. Here are some screen shots from the second annual Rosalie Day party.

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Yule Screenshot Roundup 2020 – Part 6

On New Year’s Eve I saw 2021 in at the “Bunny Frogs Good Friends Open Gala”, on Sirannon.

I then headed over to Belegaer to the “Silvester” party.

On Friday 1st January 2021, the “Grand Hobbit Snowball Fight” took place on Laurelin.


On Sunday 3rd January the annual “Toast to the Professor” took place at the Bird and Baby Inn on Laurelin.