Yule Screenshot Roundup 2020 – Part 6

On New Year’s Eve I saw 2021 in at the “Bunny Frogs Good Friends Open Gala”, on Sirannon.

I then headed over to Belegaer to the “Silvester” party.

On Friday 1st January 2021, the “Grand Hobbit Snowball Fight” took place on Laurelin.


On Sunday 3rd January the annual “Toast to the Professor” took place at the Bird and Baby Inn on Laurelin.


Yule Screenshot Roundup 2020 – Part 5

On Christmas Day Die Meisterbarden von Bree combined their traditional Christmas Day concert with their regular Friday night concert in the Bree Auction Hall, on Gwaihir.

I then headed over to Laurelin for The Green Dragon Friday Yule party.

On Sunday 27th December the Brandy Badgers went Wassailing in Winterhome, on Laurelin.

Miss Infernosounds Memorial Concert 2021

On Saturday 20th February 2021 the annual memorial concert for Veronika/Infernosounds/Vronlyn was held on Weathertop, on Gwaihir, in LOTRO. Miss Infernosounds, as I will always think of her, was a much-loved member of the LOTRO community, who passed away in December 2018. As with the first event in 2019, the event began with a dog walk. This was because of Miss Infernosounds loved the in-game costmetic pets. The dog walkers assembled on the bridge, outside the Bree West Gate.

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Yule Screenshot Roundup 2020 – Part 2 – Hobbit Yule Video

Every year the Laurelin RP hobbits, led by Miss Lina Willowwood, film a Yule video. Here are some “behind the scenes” screen shots. The first part of the video was shot on Sunday 29th November, mostly in Forochel, with the opening scene of the video being filmed at the end, at the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom kin house.

The second part of the video was filmed on Tuesday 8th December, at the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom kin house.

Thanks to Miss Lina and everyone who took part. The video is on Miss Lina’s YouTube channel.


Weatherstock XII 2020

On Saturday 12th September 2020 Weatherstock XII took place, on the Landroval server, in LOTRO. Weatherstock is an annual music festival held on Weathertop. This year an amazing 31 bands took part.

The event started with an opening set from The Lonely Mountain Band Mega-Band, a supergroup formed of members of The Andune Ensemble, Old Winyards and The BBB. These three bands are the house bands of the Lonely Mountain Band kinship, the organisers of the event. Next the 31 band played; Starlight first, then The Hope, then The Tones, then…well you get the idea. After the bands had played, the LOTRO community manager Cordovan, addressed the crowd briefly, to thank everyone involved. The LMB Mega-Band then played the closing set of the main event. After this followed the mounted parade to the Bree Festival grounds where the aftershow party took place.

Below are my screen shots from the event.

LMB Mega-Band Opening Set

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