Why Whye Hates Elves

Master Whye, who describes himself as “a brilliant scholar, superb weaponsmith, exclusive berry supplier to Miss Holly Hornblower, excellent wordsmith, virtuoso musician, genius and modest to boot”, has got a bee in his bonnet.

ARGH! It’s almost enough to make a dwarf give up ale. Almost mind you, almost. Every time I try to pick some berries to feed a starving cave-claw, on a selfless mission of mercy with no thought of personal gain, some darn elf beats me to it.

Big elves!

A large elf steals Whye's berries
A big elf steals Whye’s berries

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The Great Schnulz’athlon

On Saturday 5th March 2016, “The Great Schnulz’athlon” took place outside the front door of Thorin’s Hall. Four bands played “cheesey” songs in a ping-pong format. The bands were Die Mondbarden, Instant Play, A Rock and a Hard Place; and a mystery band, The Marching Band Overhill. Despite my misgivings about cheesey songs it was two hours of very enjoyable music, well done all!

Marching Band Overhill
Marching Band Overhill

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Who’s the Tank?

You’ve probably already seen this machinima video before but “Who’s the Tank?”, by┬áMike Davis and Mike Schroeder, is the inspiration for the names of my characters in LOTRO, Hooh and Whooh.