Overhill Fishing Contest

On the first day of Blotmath (Saturday 22nd October 2016), the annual Overhill Fishing Contest was held on the Laurelin server in LOTRO. Sadly the weather was overcast and rainy, but what can you expect in Blotmath. After an introduction by the organiser, Master Ponso Pondhopper, the contestants made their way over to the pond.

The Anglers Head to the Pond
The Anglers Head to the Pond

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The Drunken Horse Race

On Sunday 2nd October 2016 “The Drunken Horse Race” took place on the Crickhollow server in LOTRO. At Elevenses earlier that day somebody asked “how do you get a horse drunk?”. It was pointed out to them that it was the rider who was drunk, not the horse. So I headed up to the start line the Thorin’s Hall, to take part in the race and also planning to get some screenshots. However the best laid plans of mice and hobbits oft go awry. The flaw in my cunning plan was that while drunk the whole world looks blurry. Never the less I present my efforts below.

The race was eventually won by Nidolhon, with Dorren second and Feroil third. Great fun was had by all and many thanks to the organiser Master Pontin and the judges.

The Riders Assemble
The Riders Assemble

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Music Over Arnor II Concert

On Saturday 1st October 2016 the second “Music over Arnor” concert took place, at Amon Raith in the North Downs, on the Landroval server in LOTRO. It was to commemorate the 8th Anniversary of the opening of the Russian LOTRO servers; now gone but not forgotten. The concert featured a mixture of Russian and non-Russian bands.

The Bands were:

  • The Hope
  • Arda
  • Polnolunie
  • Under The Sunlit Sky and Friends (from Notenzauber)
  • The Andune Ensemble
  • Les Chantefables
  • Instant Play
  • DisEnchanted
  • Radagast’s Pipe

Finally a super-group, consisting of members of the band who played in the concert, played some closing numbers.

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