The Rolling Kegs Play “Music From The Mithril Screen”

On Saturday 19th November 2016 the Rolling Kegs played a concert of “Music From The Mithril Screen” in the Greenhouse at Thorin’s Hall, on the Laurelin sever in LOTRO. As the title suggests, they played songs from the movies and TV. The Greenhouse at Thorin’s Hall is rarely used as a venue and the light there has a unique, atmospheric green colour, so I thought I’d post some screenshots of the event. If you’ve never visited the Greenhouse, the door to it is between the main Thorin’s Hall building and the skirmish camp.

A long shot showing light streaming into the Greenhouse behind the band.

Rolling Kegs Play Music from the Mithril Screen
Rolling Kegs Play Music from the Mithril Screen

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“Tales of Arda” Sails to the West

Yesterday, Saturday 19th November 2016, Whiteberry tweeted the following:

I visited “Tales of Arda” this morning and the web site is already off-line. I would like to thank Whiteberry for a great site. Here are my two favourite “Life of a Hobbit” cartoons from the site.

Tales of Arda - In Harm's Way
Tales of Arda – In Harm’s Way
Tales of Arda - Revealing Mark
Tales of Arda – Revealing Mark