Yule Screenshot Roundup – Part 3

Here is the third and final part of my LOTRO Yule screenshot roundup.

On Tuesday 27th December 2016 I attended “Gala Du Lierre Touffu”, which I believe translates as “Gala of the Ivy Bush”, in the Ivy Bush Inn, Hobbiton on the Sirannon server in LOTRO. Normally I can’t make it to this event but having lots of spare time over the holidays allowed me to this one time. Miss Louella introduced the acts.

Miss Louella Introducing the Acts
Miss Louella Introducing the Acts

Throughout the evening we were entertained by a succession of fine acts. Master Vethlo even took to the stage and played “Hobbiton” and “Hobbiton Blues”.

The evening finished with a fireworks display outside the Ivy Bush.

On Tuesday 3rd january 2017 the traditional “Toast to the Professor” took place on Laurelin. I believe it was organised by “The Elders” kinship. An expectant crowd gathered at the Bird and Baby Inn in Michel Delving.


The traditional toast to the Professor  was made.



It was then announced that we would head to Hobbiton where a short story would be told.


However I missed that in chat and went all the way to Dwaling. Determined to make the best of a bad job, I made a one hobbit toast to The Professor.


I then headed back to Hobbiton. Half way there I bumped into the rest of the toasters, who had reached Brockenborings by then. We again toasted the professor and let off some fireworks.


As darkness fell we headed to Dwaling.


At Dwaling we toasted the great man himself.


Afterwards the party headed off into the Trollshaws for one last story. However it was getting late and I had to go to bed.

On Saturday 7th January 2017 Les Daft Pigs gave a Yule concert on Sirannon in Frostbluff.


One of the highlights was a conga line consisting of most of the audience.


The concert ended with encore drums.


That concludes the last part of my Yule screenshot roundup. A belated Happy Yule to all! Or perhaps not so belated as the Yule festival encore starts on Wednesday 🙂


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