The Oatbarton Trout Tickle 2017

On Saturday 25th February 2017 the annual Trout Tickle took place at Oatbarton, in the Northfarthing of the Shire, on the Laurelin server in LOTRO. The anglers gathered around the pond at Northcotton Farm.


Master Ponso of the Shire Angling club gave an opening speech.


The anglers took up their places in likely looking spots.


The competition commenced.


While the contestants awaited the results, Miss Tibba cooked the fish caught while Miss Pycella entertained them with some music.


Master Ponso then announced the results.

  • The weedy prize (for the most weeds caught) when to Master Skepto.
  • In the junior category, for those unable to catch trout:
    • Third place went to Master Skepto.
    • Second place went to Master Lemlo.
    • First place went to Master Nomanthro.
  • The Golden Trout Award, for the first Golden Trout caught, went to Miss Nimelia.
  • The Species Award, for the greatest variety of trout caught, went to Miss Dassa.
  • In the senior category, for those able to catch trout, the Trout Tickler Awards:
    • The runners-up  were Miss Knitbone, Master Potty and Miss Tibba.
    • Third place went to Master Hooh.
    • Second place went to Master Mermund.
    • First place, and the title of Trout Tickler of the Year, went to Master Everbrock.


Finally Master Ponso gave a closing speech.


Thanks to Master Ponso and all at the Shire Angling Club for a great contest.



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