Forest of OAKS 2017

On Saturday 13th May 2017, Miss Acorne Oakley presented “The Forest of OAKS”, in the Oldfurlong Homestead, on the Laurelin server, in LOTRO. The bands who had played in the OAKS concert series, over the last year, returned to Oldfurlong to play a 30 minute set. Here are some screenshots of the bands.

First were Polnolunie.

There then followed a 10th Anniversary Tribute to Middle Earth music. Eleven bands each played one Middle Earth themed song. The first were Andune Ensemble.

The Breakfast Club.

The Oatbarton Hillbillies.

Brandywine and Biscuits.

The Traveling Bilberries.

Les Chantfables

Die Mondbarden.

A Rock and a Hard Place.

The Brandy Badgers.

Die Bunten Vogel.

After the tribute the bands resumed playing their 30 minutes sets. I’m afraid I missed The Hope and The Shire Tramps due to playing with the Bree Lore Hall Ensemble on Landroval, however I made it back in time to see Instant Play.



and last but not least The Rolling Kegs.

Finally Miss Acorne gave a speech and Miss Anerea and friend played a closing song.


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