The Lonely Mountain Band Kinship 10th Anniversary

On 25th March 2018 the Lonely Mountain Band kinship celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a number of events. The events must have been well attended because the only time I’ve had worse lag was at Weatherstock. When I tried to take a screen shot my PC froze up for ages so I’m sorry about the limited number of screen shots.

The first event was a mounted procession from Ered Luin to Bree. The non-kinnies gathered outside the Falathlorn homesteads while the kinnies listened to speeches inside.

Fashionably late, the LMB kin members joined us.

We then headed through Ered Luin towards the Shire.

Once into the Shire we headed to the Brandywine Bridge.

At the Brandywine Bridge we paused to let everybody catch up.

Then on Bree!

At the Prancing Pony stage the Andune Ensemble played their regular concert.

Miss Holly has posted a video of the concert on her YouTube channel.

Next the founder of the Lonely Mountain Band kinship said a few words.

Then the Lonely Mountain Band Mega-Band played for an hour.

After the concert the raiders gathered for the “Mad-As-Heck” raid.

We then headed up to Esteldin.

We then headed out to Dol Dinen, armed with frying pans, butter knives, rolling pins and sparklers, to give the orcs the beating they so richly deserve.

Finally in Graug’s tent we lined up for some screen shots.

Many thanks to the Lonely Mountain Band kinship and all who took part and wishing the LMB kin another 10 years!




The 6th LOTRO-Mindon Anniversary Concert

On 24th February 2018, the 6th LOTRO-Mindon Anniversary concert took place at the Stock Tower in the Shire, on Landroval, in LOTRO. LOTRO-Mindon is the largest website for the Russian LOTRO community. Here are some screen shots of the bands I took at the event.

The Hope

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Belaya’s Birthday Bash 2018

On Sunday 4th March 2018, a group of her friends organised a birthday party for Miss Belaya, on the Belegaer server, in LOTRO. They all met up at the Mondbarden kinhouse and Miss Belaya was tricked into coming along, believing she was going to a rehearsal. The bands played in the round-robin format and then everybody headed over to the Andune Ensemble concert on Landroval. They then finished off the evening at the regular “Sonntags-Bree-Musik” event by the stables near the Prancing Pony.

Here are some screen shots I took of the bands at the Monbarden kinhouse.

The Blue Waves and the Brago Brothers

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