No Whole Bard Concert Disrupted by Protestors

Today’s No Whole Bard concert, on Landroval, in #LOTRO, was disrupted by a group of angry protestors. They occupied the stage, forcing the band to play their concert from the benches normally reserved for the audience. The protestors, from the #nomoretricksysongs movement, were worried about a repeat of last weeks tricksy songs concert on Crickhollow. Undaunted, the band reprised last weeks concert and, despite themselves, the audience enjoyed the concert.

No Whole Bard play two monthly concerts on the Pracing Pony stage in Bree. They play on Crickhollow on the last Sunday of the month, and on Landroval on the first Sunday of the month. Start times vary as the clocks go backwards and forwards, but currently they are at 7am server time, Noon BST, 1pm CEST, 9pm AEDT.