Miss Rosalie’s Farewell Party at Elevenses

On Sunday 7th April 2019 the Second Breakfast kinship hosted a special edition of their regular Elevenses event to bid farewell to Miss Rosalie Rumble, on the Crickhollow server, in LOTRO. Miss Rosalie has been on since Crickhollow ever since it opened in 2010 and she created the Shirefest event, the premier music festival on Crickhollow. In real life, for the last few years Miss Rosalie has been battling against cancer and sadly that battle is coming to an end. Miss Rosalie said that before she sailed to the west she wanted to have one last party and so the Second Breakfast kinship organised this event.

Her friends and well-wishers from Crickhollow and the other servers gathered outside the Bird and Baby Inn.

The first band to play were The Andune Ensemble, whose home server is Landroval.

Next were The Dulcet Tones.

Next were The Breakfast Club, the kin band of the Second Breakfast kinship.

After the first three bands had played it was time for the horse race, “The First Annual Rosalie Run”.

The racers lined up at the fence to the north of Michel Delving.

The object of the race was to ride to Needlehole, find a dwarf called Petrok at Postman Redsmith’s house, cheer him, return to Michel Delving, find Miss Rosalie and cheer her. Things started to go wrong at Needlehole when a lot of the racers ended up on a different layer from Petrok, leaving them frantically running round, looking for him.

They eventually worked out what had happened and Phellos was kind enough to invite people to a raid so they could port to the correct layer.

I ported to the correct layer and cheered at Petrok.

Unfortunately I forgot that Miss Rosalie was hiding in Michel Delving and ran around Rushock Bog for a while, looking for her. I realised my mistake and returned to Michel Delving. By the time I finally returned to The Bird and Baby the race was over and the “Stop the Music and Drop” game had started. This is like Musical Chairs, when the music stops, you /faint. The last person’s emote to register in the chat log is eliminated. Unfortunately, at first, I didn’t realise what was going on and didn’t realise what the organisers meant when they asked people not taking part to stand behind the fence. Sorry for any confusion caused. At first I couldn’t work out while people kept fainting at Master Dallofin’s music. Here is a screen shot of the game in progress.

The game was won by Middle Earth Maiden. https://www.twitch.tv/middleearthmaiden

The next section was a round robin of music, poetry and tributes. Among those taking part were Disenchanted.

The Sageway Bards.

Fraggle Rock.

The Department of Harmony and Song.

Miss Kikila.

Miss Twynk.

Master Pontin.

Die Mondbarden.

Miss Phoenix A.K.A. Miss Druidsfire the famous LOTRO Twitch streamer https://www.twitch.tv/druidsfire

Master Dallofin.

The Mardi Gras Party Band.

The last band was a mega-band of volunteers playing a version of “When the Saints Go Marching In”.

Miss Rosalie then gave a moving speech. She then played The Beatles “In My Life”, with her step-sister in charge of her backing band The Rose Buds.

Miss Hollyberye has posted a video of the event on her YouTube channel.

As has Middle Earth Maiden on her YouTube channel.

I would like to thank Miss Rosalie for all she has done for the Crickhollow music community and to thank all those who helped make this event so special.

One thought on “Miss Rosalie’s Farewell Party at Elevenses

  1. I am so sorry to hear this, I wish I would have known this event was happening! I’ve been very out of the loop. Rosalie will be very missed, she’s a wonderful person. Much love to her.


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