The Arda’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration Screen Shots

On Sunday 25th August 2019, The Arda band held a celebration of their 3rd anniversary at their kin house, on Laurelin, in LOTRO. After an opening set by The Arda themselves, a selection of bands played. Here are some screen shots I took at the event.

The Arda’s Opening Set

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Weatherstock 2019 Screen Shots

On Saturday 20th July 2019 the Weatherstock concert 2019 took place at Weathertop, on the Landroval server, in LOTRO.

I’m afraid the best laid plans of mice and hobbits often go awry. I planned to do all my RL stuff and get my characters into position before the concert started. However I didn’t and so I missed seeing the LMB megaband and the first four bands live; though I did listen to them on Miss Druidsfire’s Twitch stream. I have included screen shots of the bands taken from the stream by kind permission of Miss Druids. The YouTube playlist of her Weatherstock concert 2019 videos are here.


Imladris Sunset

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