Gondamon Rock Night 2019 Screen Shots

On the weekend of 7th/8th September 2019, Gondamon Rock Night took place in the dwarf stonghold of Gondamon, on Belegaer, in LOTRO. Here are some screen shots I took at the event.


The Brago Brothers (and Sister)


Durin’s Fäuste



Die Meisterbarden von Bree and

A Rock and a Hard Place

Frische Brise

Die Bunten Vögel/Schall und Rauch

Ziehende Musikanten

House of the Harp

No Whole Bard

Bara Bahau

Die Mondbarden

Menestrelles Du Soir

Michel Delving Bunny Watch

The Moonshine Wanderers


The Gallic Frogs Band

The Andune Ensemble

Little To No Drama



The Mardi Gras Party Band

The Teedees

Miss Holly has posted videos of the bands’ performances on her YouTube channel.

Many thanks to the organisers, the bands and the audience for a great event.

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