The Gallic Villagers play OAKS

On Saturday 12th October 2019, The Gallic Villagers played an OAKS concert. OAKS is short for the Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert Series, (somebody really wanted that to spell OAKS). I suspect that someone was Miss Acorne, who organises and introduces the concerts. As always the concert took place in the Oldfurlong neighbourhood of the Shire homesteads, on Laurelin, in LOTRO.

Miss Acorne introduced the band.

The band then entertained the audience.

They then played “The Birdie Song” accompanied by a “Special Dance”.

They then revealed the secret of why the Shire is so green and lush. It is Miss Talilla and her rain dance.

The audience bounced around to “Ça plane pour moi”.

The hobbit lasses did the “Can-Can”, twice!

In tribute to the Gaul’s homeland they played “La Marseillaise”.

Thanks to my fellow Gallic Villagers for the honour of playing with you, thanks to Miss Acorne for organising another great OAKS concert and thanks to the audience for joining us.

Finally thanks to Miss Hollyberye for her video of the concert on her YouTube channel.

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