Yule Screenshot Roundup 2019 – Part 1

Here is the first part of my Yule Screenshot Roundup for 2019.

No Whole Bard

As is traditional, the first event of the Yule season was the No Whole Bard concert on Crickhollow on Sunday 24th November.

Their version of “Walking in the Air” had the audience literally walking in the air.

The concert ended with some dancing steeds.

No Whole Bard repeated the concert a week later, on 1st December, on Landroval.

Die Mondbarden

On Saturday 8th December Die Mondbarden (German for The Moon Bards) played an OAKS concert, in the Oldfurlong neighbourhood of the Shire homesteads, on Laurelin. It included a section of Christmas songs.

At midnight CET it was Miss Reganilda’s birthday. The concert paused to allow Struck by Moonlight to play “Happy Birthday” for her.

Thanks to Die Mondbarden for a great concert and to Miss Acorne for organising another great OAKS concert. Also thanks to Miss Holly who has posted a video of the concert on her YouTube channel.

The Fluffy Unicorns

On Sunday 8th December The Fluffy Unicorns played a concert of Christmas songs, on Landroval.

and, as usual, someone took the song “Walking in the Air” literally.

Here endeth the first part of my Yule screen shot round up. Thanks to all the bands and the audiences.

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