Yule Screenshot Roundup 2019 – Part 2

Over the weekend of Friday 13th to Sunday 15th December the annual Winterfest music festival took place on the Crickhollow server, in LOTRO. Sadly the bands who played on Friday were too late for me. On Saturday Polnolunie started the ball rolling.


Dance Flora


Eagle’s Eyrie

The Moonshine Wanderers

The Gallic Frogs

The Rakes of Kilkarill


No Whole Bard

The Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band

On Sunday 15th December Winterfest continued with The Department of Harmony and Song.

The Department of Harmony and Song

Mushroom Stew

The Bards of Valinor

The Madri Gras Party Band

Thanks to the organisers, the bands and the audience for a great event.

Also on Sunday 15th December, the Wintermond family Christmas party took place on Belegaer. The guests assembled, at the Mondbarden kinhouse.

The party started with a musical. It was in German so I had no idea what it was about, but as far as I could make out it was about a hobbit lass…

…her dog…

…and it started out with a sad beginning and ended up with a happy ending.

We then went inside the kinhouse for some music. The first band were Die Mondbarden.

Next were Struck by Moonlight.

They were joined by Miss Fiyalka who sang a song about life.

Next were House of the Harp.

Last but not least were The Brago Brothers (and Sister).

Many thanks to Master Thorwien, Miss Tunvil, Miss Leynael and Master Tomlyn for a great party.

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