Yule Screenshot Roundup 2019 – Part 4

As the Hobbit Yule Video has now been published, here are some screen shots I took during the filming.

On Saturday 30th November, the first part of the video shoot took place, in the Bramblebury neighbourhood, in the Shire Homesteads. The hobbits assembled outside the Hoemstead Provisions.

The first part, of the first part, of the video , where the hobbits were chatting and dancing, was shot outside.

They then moved indoors for the remaining scenes.

On Tuesday 10th December, the second part of the video was shot at Thorin’s Gate. The hobbits assembled at Frerin’s Court.

They then headed over to the frozen river.

When they got to the river they found it was frozen over.

They tried various ways to make a hole in the ice.

When all attempts failed, the hobbits headed downstream, to where the river was not frozen over, and fished there.

Finally, hobbits being hobbits, things ended with some food and music.

The Hobbit Yule video is on Miss Lina’s YouTube channel.

Thanks to all the hobbits who took part, and in particular the Miss Lina for all her hard work herding cats hobbits and creating the video.



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