Miss Infernosounds Memorial Concert

On Saturday 15th February 2020 a memorial concert for Veronika/Infernosounds/Vronlyn was held on Weathertop, on Gwaihir, in LOTRO. Miss Infernosounds, as I will always think of her, was a much-loved member of the LOTRO community, who passed away in December 2018. The concert was a year after the “Miss Infernosounds Memorial Dog Walk with Music” event. I’m afraid I only realised afterwards that I had cosmetic pets disabled on my LOTRO client, so the screen shots don’t include the dogs that Miss Infernosounds kindly gave to many people, including myself. I think I must have disabled it to cut out the noise of cosmetic pets at another concert 😦

Before the concert proper started there was some informal entertainment.

Then Miss Mamsell introduced the concert.

The bands then played in a round-robin format.

Die Fertigen Schlusen

The Children of the Starlight


The Great Willow Blues Band

Traviati und Freunde

Die Sternchen der Valar

The Gallic Frogs Band

Brago & Friends

Les Daft Pigs

Alley and Petro

Wild Mill


Many thanks to Miss Szorcha, Miss Rosemaki and the other organisers, the bands and the audience for a great event.

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