First Annual Rosalie Day Screen Shots

On Sunday 5th April 2020 the First Annual Rosalie Day, organised by the Second Breakfast kinship, took place on the Crickhollow server, in LOTRO. Miss Rosalie Rumble was one of the founding members of Second Breakfast, and later became its leader. She was a pillar of the Crickhollow music community and she created the Shirefest music festival and the Crickhollow Music website. Miss Rosalie passed away last year, but before she did Second Breakfast threw a farewell party for her. On the first anniversary of that farewell party they held the first annual Rosalie Day party. People from many servers in LOTRO gathered at the Bird and Baby Inn, to remember her. Here are some screen shots from the event.

Department of Harmony and Song

The Dulcet Tones

The Flutterbyes

The Mardi Gras Party Band

Mushroom Stew

The Midget Banshees

I would like to thank Miss Rosalie for all she did for the Crickhollow music community and may she rest in peace. I would also like to the bands and the audience who attended this event to remember her.

One thought on “First Annual Rosalie Day Screen Shots

  1. Love the screenshots! They turned out beautifully. I was so glad to attend; it’s wonderful to see Rosalie honored. ^^


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