A Day On The Greenfields 2020, Landroval

On the weekend of 18th/19th April 2020, “A Day On The Greenfields 2020” music festival took place, on the Landroval server, in LOTRO. A host of bands played on one of the fence-walking stages, on the Greenfields, in the Shire. On the Saturday, Die Meisterbarden von Bree were due to play first but were unavoidably detained, so instead the concert was opened by…

The Marching Band, Overhill and Bywater

Breakfast Bits

The Displaced


Little To No Drama

The Mardi Gras Party Band

The Stoors

On Sunday the festival recommenced with…

The Moonshine Wanderers

Calibouge Sound


The Andune Ensemble

The Remediators

House of Harps

Miss Holly has posted a playlist of videos from the festival on her YouTube channel.

Many thanks to Miss Fincin, Master Aedon and the other organisers, the bands and the audience for a great event. Sorry to the bands who played too late for me to get screen shots of them.



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