The 6th LOTRO-Mindon Anniversary Concert

On 24th February 2018, the 6th LOTRO-Mindon Anniversary concert took place at the Stock Tower in the Shire, on Landroval, in LOTRO. LOTRO-Mindon is the largest website for the Russian LOTRO community. Here are some screen shots of the bands I took at the event.

The Hope

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Belaya’s Birthday Bash 2018

On Sunday 4th March 2018, a group of her friends organised a birthday party for Miss Belaya, on the Belegaer server, in LOTRO. They all met up at the Mondbarden kinhouse and Miss Belaya was tricked into coming along, believing she was going to a rehearsal. The bands played in the round-robin format and then everybody headed over to the Andune Ensemble concert on Landroval. They then finished off the evening at the regular “Sonntags-Bree-Musik” event by the stables near the Prancing Pony.

Here are some screen shots I took of the bands at the Monbarden kinhouse.

The Blue Waves and the Brago Brothers

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Yule Screenshot Roundup 2017 – Part 2

Here is the second part of my Yule Screenshot Roundup for 2017.

On Friday 22th December the Green Dragon Friday Yule party took place at the Green Dragon Inn on Laurelin. The crowd were entertained by the usual mixture of songs, stories and riddles, this time many of them with a Yule theme, including by The Brandy Badgers.

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Halloween Screenshot Roundup 2017

Here is a roundup of my screenshots for Halloween 2017.

Things kicked off, appropriately enough, on Friday 13th October 2017 with Scream Dragon Friday, at the Green Dragon Inn, on Laurelin. The patrons of Green Dragon Friday dressed for the occasion and brought their most horrifying stories, poems and music pieces.

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Frühstücksclub Concert on Belegaer

On Saturday 21st October 2017, for one Saturday only, The Breakfast Club changed the venue of their concert from the South Gate in Bree on the Crickhollow server in LOTRO, to the Methel Stage in the Shire on Belegaer, and their name to Der Frühstücksclub. Here are some screen shots I took at the concert.

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