Sixth “Forest of OAKS” Music Festival Screen Shots

On Saturday 7th May 2020, the sixth “Forest of OAKS” music festival took place, on the Laurelin server, in the mmorpg “Lord of the Rings Online”. OAKS stands for “Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert Series” (somebody really wanted that to spell OAKS). Every month Miss Acorne Oakley hosts an OAKS concert in the Oldfurlong homestead of the Shire housing area. Every year a “Forest of OAKS” music festival is held in which the bands from the last year return to play a 30 minute set. Miss Holly has posted videos of the performances on her YouTube channel and I have included links to the videos between my screen shots.

Miss Acorne introduced the festival.

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A Day On The Greenfields 2020, Sirannon

On Friday 24th and Saturday 25th April 2020, “A Day On The Greenfields 2020” music festival took place, on the Sirannon server, in LOTRO. A host of bands played on one of the fence-walking stages, on the Greenfields, in the Shire.  Here are some screen shots I took at the event. On the Friday La Banda Del Pony were the first band. Unfortunately I was waiting for daylight to take my screen shots, and their set ended sooner than I expected. Sorry about that. So I’ll start with a screen shot of Miss Cherinias I took later.

La Banda Del Pony

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A Day On The Greenfields 2020, Landroval

On the weekend of 18th/19th April 2020, “A Day On The Greenfields 2020” music festival took place, on the Landroval server, in LOTRO. A host of bands played on one of the fence-walking stages, on the Greenfields, in the Shire. On the Saturday, Die Meisterbarden von Bree were due to play first but were unavoidably detained, so instead the concert was opened by…

The Marching Band, Overhill and Bywater

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The Little Wanderers OAKS Concert

On Saturday 4th April 2020, The Little Wanderers played an OAKS concert. OAKS is short for the Oldfurlong Amazing Koncert Series, (somebody really wanted that to spell OAKS). I suspect that someone was Miss Acorne, who organises and introduces the concerts. As always the concert took place in the Oldfurlong neighbourhood of the Shire homesteads, on Laurelin, in LOTRO.

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First Annual Rosalie Day Screen Shots

On Sunday 5th April 2020 the First Annual Rosalie Day, organised by the Second Breakfast kinship, took place on the Crickhollow server, in LOTRO. Miss Rosalie Rumble was one of the founding members of Second Breakfast, and later became its leader. She was a pillar of the Crickhollow music community and she created the Shirefest music festival and the Crickhollow Music website. Miss Rosalie passed away last year, but before she did Second Breakfast threw a farewell party for her. On the first anniversary of that farewell party they held the first annual Rosalie Day party. People from many servers in LOTRO gathered at the Bird and Baby Inn, to remember her. Here are some screen shots from the event.

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Remembering Geoffroi – A Tribute and Memorial

On Sunday 15th March 2020 the LOTRO music community gathered to pay tribute to, and to remember, Geoffroi, who passed away on 28th March. Known in real life as Jim, he was a loved and respected member of the LOTRO music community, whether as Geoffroi of “The Andune Ensemble”, Pipes of “Thorn and Roses”, Blondel of “The Breakfast Club”, Polyantha of the “Aleford Band” or as Keli of the “Lonely Mountain band” and the Windy Acres Ranch.

The concert opened with the official tribute from The Andune Ensemble.

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Miss Infernosounds Memorial Concert

On Saturday 15th February 2020 a memorial concert for Veronika/Infernosounds/Vronlyn was held on Weathertop, on Gwaihir, in LOTRO. Miss Infernosounds, as I will always think of her, was a much-loved member of the LOTRO community, who passed away in December 2018. The concert was a year after the “Miss Infernosounds Memorial Dog Walk with Music” event. I’m afraid I only realised afterwards that I had cosmetic pets disabled on my LOTRO client, so the screen shots don’t include the dogs that Miss Infernosounds kindly gave to many people, including myself. I think I must have disabled it to cut out the noise of cosmetic pets at another concert 😦

Before the concert proper started there was some informal entertainment.

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Yule Screenshot Roundup 2019 – Part 4

As the Hobbit Yule Video has now been published, here are some screen shots I took during the filming.

On Saturday 30th November, the first part of the video shoot took place, in the Bramblebury neighbourhood, in the Shire Homesteads. The hobbits assembled outside the Hoemstead Provisions.

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