Frühstücksclub Concert on Belegaer

On Saturday 21st October 2017, for one Saturday only, The Breakfast Club changed the venue of their concert from the South Gate in Bree on the Crickhollow server in LOTRO, to the Methel Stage in the Shire on Belegaer, and their name to Der Frühstücksclub. Here are some screen shots I took at the concert.

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The Pumpkin Jamfest Music Festival 2017

On Saturday 7th October 2017 the Pumpkin Jamfest Music Festival was held on the Brandywine server of LOTRO. It was organised by The Minstrel Guild of Bree and took place on the Bree Festival Stage.

The Shire Tramps were the first band.

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“Night of the Muses” Events List 19th July 2017

Unfortunately the “Night of the Muses” event, on Laurelin, in LOTRO, has been cancelled due to server maintenance. So here is the events list for the coming week, which Vethlo would normally announce at the end of “Night of the Muses”.

The events this week are:
Tomorrow night is the Bird and Baby Yard Party, on Laurelin, at 7:30pm BST, 20:30 CEST, 2:30pm Server.

On Friday Die Meisterbarden von Bree play in the Bree auction house on Gwaihir at 7pm BST, 20:00 CEST, 2pm Server.
On Friday is Green Dragon Friday, at the Green Dragon Inn on Laurelin at 7:30pm BST, 20:30 CEST, 2:30pm Server.
This is a hobbit preferred event, though well-behaved dwarves are welcome (but Master Whye has been known to turn up anyway).
On Friday A Rock and a Hard Place play at the West Gate of Bree on Gladden at 9pm BST, 22:00 CEST, 4pm Server.

On Saturday the Weatherstock concert takes place on the summit of Weathertop, on Landroval.
It starts with intros, PSAs and the LMB Mega-Band opening set at 3:30pm BST, 16:30 CEST, 10:30am Server.
The comptetition starts at 5pm BST, 18:00 CEST, Noon Server.

Die Bunten Voegel play at 5pm BST, 18:00 CEST, Noon Server.
The HOPE play at 5:15pm BST, 18:15 CEST, 12:15pm Server.
The Moonshine Wanderers play at 5:30pm BST, 18:30 CEST, 12:30pm Server.
Les Daft Pigs play at 5:45pm BST, 18:45 CEST, 12:45pm Server.
KaPAtEk aNAhuAC play at 6pm BST, 19:00 CEST, 1pm Server.
Runic Knights Orchestra play at 6:15pm BST, 19:15 CEST, 1:15pm Server.
The Fluffy Unicorns play at 6:30pm BST, 19:30 CEST, 1:30pm Server.
Notenzauber & Friends play at 6:45pm BST, 19:45 CEST, 1:45pm Server.
The Shades play at 7pm BST, 20:00 CEST, 2pm Server.
Imladris Sunset play at 7:15pm BST, 20:15 CEST, 2:15pm Server.
Mardi Gras Party band play at 7:30pm BST, 20:30 CEST, 2:30pm Server.
Lindamar play at 7:45pm BST, 20:45 CEST, 2:45pm Server.
The White Flames play at 8pm BST, 21:00 CEST, 3pm Server.
Da Bugans play at 8:15pm BST, 21:15 CEST, 3:15pm Server.
The Arda play at 8:30pm BST, 21:30 CEST, 3:30pm Server.
Lanterns of Nimrodeliant play at 8:45pm BST, 21:45 CEST, 3:45pm Server.
Department of Harmony and Song play at 9pm BST, 22:00 CEST, 4pm Server.
Polnolunie play at 9:15pm BST, 22:15 CEST, 4:15pm Server.

Voting and the LMB Mega-Band closing set starts at 9:30pm BST, 22:30 CEST, 4:30pm Server.
The announcement of the winner and the encore by the winning band starts at 10:15pm BST, 23:15 CEST, 5:15pm Server.
The mounted procession to the Bree Festival Grounds and/or the Mad Dash to Bruinen (details TBA) starts at 10:30pm BST, 23:30 CEST, 5:30pm Server.

On Saturday the Breakfast Club play at the Bree South Gate at 6pm BST, 19:00 CEST, 1pm Server. It is on Crickhollow except on the first Saturday of the month when it is on Landroval.

On Sunday why not drop in for Elevenses at the Bird and Baby, on Crickhollow, at 4pm BST, 17:00 CEST, 11am Server.
On Sunday the Andune Ensemble play at the Pony stage on Landroval at 8pm BST, 21:00 CEST, 3pm Server.

On Monday Instant Play play at the West Gate of Bree on Gwaihir 7pm BST, 20:00 CEST, 2pm Server.
On Monday The Maidens of Vanimor play outside the Pony, on Laurelin at 7:30pm BST, 20:30 CEST, 2:30pm Server.

On Tuesday the Pie Shop Hobbits continue their concert tour of the Shire in Tuckborough, on Laurelin, at 8:30pm BST, 21:30 CEST, 3:30pm Server.

And finally on Wednesday is Night of the Muses right here, on Laurelin, at 7:30pm BST, 20:30 CEST, 2:30pm Server.
Please note the start is 2:30pm server and not 2pm as stated on LOTRO artists.

If I’ve missed anything or got any times wrong please say!

Pool Party 2017

On Saturday 27th May 2017 the first second “Pool Party” took place on the Belegaer server in LOTRO. It was held at the pool at the Bree Festival Grounds and hosted by Lifeguard Brago. Eight bands; Struck by Moonlight, Die Mondbarden, Frische Brise, Hopfenfee and Friends, Wild Mill, Michel Delving Bunny Watch, Ohrwurm and later Skarn, played in a ping-pong format.

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Forest of OAKS 2017

On Saturday 13th May 2017, Miss Acorne Oakley presented “The Forest of OAKS”, in the Oldfurlong Homestead, on the Laurelin server, in LOTRO. The bands who had played in the OAKS concert series, over the last year, returned to Oldfurlong to play a 30 minute set. Here are some screenshots of the bands.

First were Polnolunie.

There then followed a 10th Anniversary Tribute to Middle Earth music. Eleven bands each played one Middle Earth themed song. The first were Andune Ensemble.

The Breakfast Club.

The Oatbarton Hillbillies.

Brandywine and Biscuits.

The Traveling Bilberries.

Les Chantfables

Die Mondbarden.

A Rock and a Hard Place.

The Brandy Badgers.

Die Bunten Vogel.

After the tribute the bands resumed playing their 30 minutes sets. I’m afraid I missed The Hope and The Shire Tramps due to playing with the Bree Lore Hall Ensemble on Landroval, however I made it back in time to see Instant Play.



and last but not least The Rolling Kegs.

Finally Miss Acorne gave a speech and Miss Anerea and friend played a closing song.

The 5th Tower of Mindon Concert

On Friday 24th February 2017, the 5th Tower of Mindon concert took place on the Landroval server, in LOTRO. The Stock Tower, in the Shire, stood in for The Mindon Tower. I am a bit hazy about the whole thing because it was mostly in Russian. From what I understand, this concert used to take place every year on a Russian server. The Mindon Tower was built to honour either Ingwë, the High King of the Elves, or somebody called Mindon or maybe they were the same person (don’t ask me, I’m not the Tolkien Professor). Anyway this concert is on their birthday. <Edit: See Master Gerhalt’s comment below>

The first band were Polnolunie.


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Yule Screenshot Roundup – Part 3

Here is the third and final part of my LOTRO Yule screenshot roundup.

On Tuesday 27th December 2016 I attended “Gala Du Lierre Touffu”, which I believe translates as “Gala of the Ivy Bush”, in the Ivy Bush Inn, Hobbiton on the Sirannon server in LOTRO. Normally I can’t make it to this event but having lots of spare time over the holidays allowed me to this one time. Miss Louella introduced the acts.

Miss Louella Introducing the Acts
Miss Louella Introducing the Acts

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